I absolutely love Elite Wax! My son bought it at a show and was telling me how great it was. I was sceptical at first but after trying Elite Wax out I now buy it all the time, this is probably due to the fact that my wife found out how great it is on the bathroom and bedroom mirrors. Now I just have to get used to the shock I get in the morning. No issues at all with the product or the service and everything was dealt with in the most professional manner.-Keith
I remember when I first went to buy a can of Elite Wax. I was a little unsure about it because I never seen it before. But I was given a free demo of it and oh my God! Now I use this all the time and everywhere. This really is great stuff I am saving time and money. My boss thought I bought a new car after I used this. That is honestly what he said.. you need to try Elite Wax! I really like the clothing, I bought a shirt, a little pricey but well worth the money.-Srisuda Jones
Been using Elite Wax for the last couple of months, really has brought a completely new shine to the paint work of my motors whilst at the same time it goes on like a dream. Highly recommend this!!!-Tom Robinson
I saw the pictures and videos of Elite Wax I had to get my hands on some to see if it was as good as it claims to be. It is that good I decided to join the team! So I purchased the silver package and now I am well on my way to building my own Elite Crew!-Stewart Baxter
I bought my can of elite wax and Its the best thing ever! Both product and delivery were outstanding and I could definitely see the difference, better than any other wax and I definitely recommend it! The staff were also very helpful and kind as well!-Rebecca Mennell
We at insanedrift.com are proud supporters and users of Elite Wax. Elite Wax is our top end go-to product. Definitely worth the money, the shine you get is amazing. Looking forward to their future releases.-Mark Stewart
I thought it was important to come and publicly applaud Elite Products and Services for their amazing product and their service. I have bought boxes of this stuff and a load of there clothing. When ever I wear the shirt or jacket people always comment on it and ask where can they get one from. Keep up the good work guys! One happy forever customer.-Glenn Coburn
Being a regular champion in various drifting and gymkhana sports I only want the best products on my cars. That is why I use Elite Wax. Being a paint sprayer for years I have seen and used a lot of products. Elite Wax comes highly recommended! The ease of use, the brilliant shine and protection you get is ridiculous, quick as well.-Sean Franklin